Covid-19 and the Growing Demand for Healthcare Professionals in Australia

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Covid-19 and the Growing Demand for Healthcare Professionals in Australia

September 15, 2020 February intake Health Care Professionals Study in Australia 0

Covid-19 and the Growing Demand for Healthcare Professionals in Australia

In our recent discussion with Professor Andrew Davey, Director (International) Griffith Health, has commented on the growing importance on health care and sciences. The impact of the ongoing pandemic, has called for more health care professionals in helping the community to cope with their current mental health, well-being and psychological behaviours and emotions. Covid-19 pandemic may have caused depression, fear, and anxiety about this new disease and what could happen can be overwhelming for some adults and children.

Health and Health Science: The Front Liners Against Covid-19

In addition to the medical professionals who are the frontliners of Covid-19, Professor Davey has also highlighted how health care professionals and physicians have been assisting the communities in treating Covid-19 patients, recuperating patients from illnesses and helping them to cope with their mental and health well-being. With the psychological impact of Covid-19, the rising demand for health care professionals has become the fastest growing careers in the years to come. You might be wondering how is it related to the study options in health sciences and professional careers?

Covid-19 and Health Care Professionals


Study Allied Health Sciences

The School of Allied Health Sciences is one of the largest and fastest growing Schools in the Griffith Health Group. It is known for innovation and excellence in health education, research and clinical practice and has a focus on addressing many of the health challenges facing society today and tomorrow.

The School of Allied Health Sciences also houses the Allied Health Clinics, which provide Exercise Physiology, Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Speech Pathology clinical services to the public. This clinic provides a growing number of practice placement opportunities to Allied Health students.


Study Applied Psychology

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Nursing and Midwifery ranked 1st in Australia

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Study Pharmacy & Pharmacology

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Medicine, Dentistry and health ranked 3rd in Australia

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Study Medical Sciences

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About Professor Andrew Davey

Apply Health Sciences with iEduCare Professor Andrew Davey was appointed as the inaugural International Director for the Health Group at Griffith University in 2017, where he is responsible for building international partnerships, enhancing student experiences, developing international research links and facilitating international student pathways to university.

In addition to his current role, Prof Davey was the Head of School of Pharmacy position at Griffith University from 2011 to 2019, where he led the School through a period of significant change including the introduction of a new Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacology and Toxicology and associated double degrees, and Master of Pharmacy degree programs, an external School Review and re-accreditation of the School’s professional programs. Prof Davey’s leadership is seen as a major factor in the School’s increased research productivity and recent rises in national and world rankings, with the School becoming recognised as one of the top 150 in the 2019 QS subject rankings. In particular, Prof Davey has initiated important teaching and research links with Singapore, China, Hong Kong and India as well as local institutions, and initiated the development of Griffith University’s Clinical Trial Unit.

The Live Facebook Session with Professor Davey has given us an insight on the emergent response to the post-Covid-19 for more healthcare professionals in the industry. We would like to thank Professor Davey for giving us the opportunity to have the discussions and sharing it with our students.

You can also watch our Live recording video to learn more about Griffith’s Health Sciences.


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